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Karabella yarns are nice! Looking good.


Thanks. It is really lovely yarn. I think I'd enjoy it more if I was carrying it along with someone else. Maybe I should rip and start over yet again...


i bought some of this yarn a few months back, but hadn't a clue what to do with it. this could be a nice choice.........hmmmm.


Oh, I've been drooling over karabella Gossamer! Why is it so expensive? You're very clever to use a KPixie coupon...

carrie m

the name dropping is really bothersome. i feel like, who cares if celebrities knit? they do heroin, too, but i don't intend to mimic that. i knit for me, not debra messing.


I have a realy soft spot for Karabella yarns - I tend to like anything they have! I think the gossamer is so nice and the color choice - great.


Name dropping is so big in knitting books right now. I picked up Hollywood Knits--some great patterns but all the pictures of actors and models made me put it back.


About the Aurora 8 - I love it! It's really nice to work with and has very nice stitch definition. The yarn for the scarf was actually leftovers from my college thesis sweater. I lucked out because I got it wholesale through the school - and good thing because I had to buy 20 balls!


Hi Amy, just wanted to say hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I really appreciate it.

I know Jill from Purl up with a Good yarn. I met her in person when I was in Pittsburgh on business.

I've seen that Karabella yarn at yarn stores and it is just so fabulous!!! The intermittant speckels of gold. I am waiting for something that really calls out for the yarn.

Oh and another thing that is strange.... my birthday is March 25 too!!!! What year were you born?


I recently bought the Elisabeth patterns. I have some lace weight alpaca Im gonna use for one of them...

I posted a pic of the hair. Not a good pic as my digi cam is broke, so its a phone pic.


We got that book into the shop last week and I browsed through it. She does have some good tips but the patterns were mostly strange and the name dropping was sooooo annoying. Did you also notice that the woman has an ego to match her Hollywood lifestyle?

Anywhoo, the Karabella Gossamer is a lovely yarn, we have some of it at the shop too but not in those colors. We have boring neutral ones which is surprising because my boss loves color.

Did you know that Project Runway is starting on Wednesday @10pm? I can't wait!!


the gossamer yarn looks beautiful!

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